Ground Rules

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”

– Benjamin Disraeli, former British Prime Minister.

I am gay. To be more exact I am a lesbian. The honest and slightly sad truth is that this the first time I am saying this out loud (well via the internet). My goal of this blog is to welcome you to my story and journey with hope that in some way my story will encourage you( my faithful and loyal readers) to take a c t i o n. I read once that you shouldn’t judge anyone without knowing their story. Everyone struggles in some way shape or form, visible or non-visible; everyone is facing their own internal battle. These struggles or stories are what holds me back. Back from achieving over happiness, becoming my best and true self, and creating my ideal world. Through my own personal stories I hope to create movement and action for myself and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Ground Rules:

OKIE guys this is going to be a long journey so like any good road trip let’s get this party started with some ground rules.

Rule #1:  I cannot spell. No like really can’t spell to save my life. This also plays a big part in my lack of understanding for grammar. I somehow was able to function in this world by memorizing each word that I now know today. I know right? It’s madness that there is any head space available for me to use. I use it wisely though don’t worry. For example I know every single word to “It’s tricky” by run DMC which ALWAYS comes in handy. So please don’t judge or leave comments with corrections, which sounds awful for both of us. You have been warned.

Rule#2: I am doing this blog anonymously. That’s right I am in the closet. Deep in the closet where you keep that jumpsuit that one day will come back in style. That deep. Now only you and my psychic friend know this secret. There are many reasons why I am still in this room. My hope is that telling my story through this blog will allow me to move towards freedom and will help me get out of the closet and hopefully to a nicer room, like a living room with a fireplace.

Simple rules right? I am not even sure why I numbered them but oh well there they are for you to reference.


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