Post Grad-Present Day

“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

 Dale Carnegie

Like mostly anyone who goes away to college I was extremely sad and nervous when I graduated college.  It took me a full summer of drinking with my friends and pretending we were still in college to adjust to the real world. I have always been a hard worker and knew I wanted to be full self-dependent. So after my summer or silliness I got busy. I got into an M.B.A program and started working full time. Things start to fall into place and I could see my new adult life forming which I was pumped about. My friends were all in pretty serious relationships after a couple of years and I found myself really longing for that connection. It also made me realize that I never been in an actual relationship before with anyone I really cared about or actually wanted to sleep with. While driving to work one day I remember asking the universe to find me someone who I could fully love and regardless of the outcome( break up, pain, whatever) that I would at least know what it felt like.

It is truly amazing how the universe works. I am now what I would like to call a spiritual junkie but at that point in time I just had a deep and clear need and decided to ask the universe to open some doors without realizing the full power of my words. And doors they did open.

Without going into the full sob story I fell hard. Really hard. I felt love. Pure and meaningful love. It was great and then after a year it wasn’t.  Females are tricky man and the female I was interested in had the need to be with a man. Gross. No offense.

So now I know what love is and I know what heart break is. Can put a big check mark on that list.



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