Anything but cows please?

I read yesterday in A Course in Miracles that re-establishing of meaning in a chaotic thought system is the way to heal it.  I love this. I really love everything about A course and recommend to everyone. By writing I do feel like I am getting closer to my purpose each and every day.

The tricky thing about the course other than making your way through the separation and unifying with your source I.E reconnecting with God ( I like to say purpose or universe in place of God because that’s a too religious for me personally )is that part of healing and and finding purpose  is to be in the present and let go of past stories and let go of judgments. All judgments that you have on other people, the course states, is you really judging yourself, and then only way to release that is to forgive and heal yourself.

The whole non-judging and forgiving thing is tricky for me and I am becoming more aware of it day by day.

For example these are items of judge on daily, hourly, and probably every second of the day:

  • Overweight people- get help?!? Something is broken and you need to fix it but anyone overweight I feel like needs help and I view them as weak (wrong I KNOW!)
  • People who do not show up or commit to items when they say they are going to( Dislike this board line hate it)
  • Lazy people- you know who you are
  • Negative people- all doom and gloom, cheer up! Look where we are and all the blessings that surround us each day!
  • People who settle and do not give this life a real chance, basically not living out your purpose. Doing what society tells you is the right thing to do like getting married and having kids when you have no business doing either

There are other things I am SURE but those are the ones in the forefront of my brain this lovely morning.

One example that actual arose last night was this:

I am sitting at a brewery with a guy I know through work and his work friends. I have never met any of them before but they are all natives to the mid-west. At one point they start talking about cows. That’s right. Cows. Not even a debate about how we treat cows and what goes in them and how it’s not good for our bodies when we consume meat ( that I can wrap my head around) but talking about how sweet they are? How they are pretty dumb animals and just like to eat grass. I am sure there was more to this but this went on for 20 minutes easily so as a defense mechanism I blacked out most of what was said.

But come on God/universe whomever how the F am I not supposed to judge this conversation? Let alone find out why I am judging and what inside of me needs healing for judging these people? This is where it all gets tricky.

I guess the thing I can comes to terms with is that not all people will find what I say or what I want to talk about life changing and that I have to realize that people may find what I want to talk about strange and I cannot judge them for what lives they lived and experiences they have had.  I had to dig deep for this one.

This is why finding a mate I feel will be a true blessing as researching and all the self-development and learning I do has put my thought patterns on a different playing field and I feel like 90% of the population cannot relate. Do you just continue to forgive and heal so that you are more open minding to these types of things to find a connection with every person you meet? Maybe?Borderline probably so. It is all a process and I am learning each day how to better myself to see more clearly and judge less.

But hey God/Universe throw me something other than a cow conversation sometime soon will ya? Many thanks.


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