Survive or Thrive?

As I sit in the airport waiting for my flight I am deep in thought. Mainly about my upcoming trip and about the current book I am reading. The book is called “Spiritual Partners” by Gary Zukav. I am only on chapter 3 of this book but as far as I can tell the book’s theme is revolving around the fact that our world and our species is evolving.

Slowly but surely we are becoming more aware as a species to the other wonderful aspects of life other then what our primitive motivation used to be-> Staying alive and staying to course.

We are evolving to what Gary likes to call a “Multi-sensory human.”  This is contrary to “5-sensory humans” which is the current state of the majority of the population.

Throughout history we have been living to survive. We go through life by doing what we are “suppose to be doing” (or what society believes we should be doing).

We live through the stages of a beginning, middle, and end (yikes and really true?)

That my friend is our so called life. We look at obtaining things as part of survival but have no real awareness of a much bigger picture.

On the flip side the multi-sensory human sees things as not just cause and effect. For example I do xyz I will get a good job, someone will love me, I will get married, and will be happy. Cause & Effect.

The multi-sensory human knows that life is not merely what actions we take but what intention we have behind those actions will yield the current result. For example if we marry someone because of their money oppose to marrying them for the right reasons, our intentions, in this case, of being disingenuous will yield a result of someone being disingenuous to us in the future.

Gary also started talking (like this is personal native just to me) about love. He believes love in many cases is about having/ chasing external power. He talks about his friend who loses his dog. He discusses how much his friend loves the dog but when the dog returns he is angry at the dog for leaving. Anger=pain and any emotion or intention of pain cannot be true authentic love.

This all got me thinking of intentions of the actions we take and love in general.

Love is extremely important to me. In my self-talk I always (well in the past) have asked God for true and meaningful love. This is 100% of what I desire but why is that?

What is the true intention behind that thought pattern? Is it to feel safe? Is it to feel desired? Is it to feel comfort? What am I really looking for here?

As I sit at airport bar & I can’t help but hearing the others around me as I read.

“I moved to St. Louis because my girlfriend got pregnant with our kid and she wanted to be closer to her family.”

I hear these talk tracks all the damn time.

  • We got married because it was the right thing to do.
  • We’ve been dating for years, why not just get married?
  • He is a nice guy and I know he will never leave me
  • I really want a family
  • He treats me well
  • She will be a good mom to our kids
  • They are just so nice


These above lines shake me every day. Really people? These are the reasons why we are getting married or reasons we get in a relationship?!? And everyone wonders why more than half the populations, at least in the U.S, are divorced.


These intentions are all based on fear.

Fear, reliance, and attachment cannot yield a long lasting relationship, well at least not a spiritual one.

While I personally like to think that my intentions are more complex and are based on a bigger picture outside of fear I can’t help but to self-assess and I challenge everyone here to do the same.

Think deeply about your intentions for any action you take in life.

If it is attached to fear or any other negative emotion, re-think it. Make it stronger.

Make it out of pure love that does not demand a return. We are not just here to survive anymore friends, there is so much more than that.



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