Mission/My Purpose:

Driving around on this 85 degree Saturday October day (you can hear in unison all Missourians chant “That’s St. Louis for ya,can’t predict the weather”.) I started thinking about this blog and really why I am doing this. While you have heard me say in my first post I am looking at this blog as a channel to share my journey of sharing my sexuality. Yet it is so much more than that.

As you have all heard before (Yes I am still talking to my one reader, I know your still there,I can hear you breathing) I am all about self-improvement and more recently spirituality. While doing my meditation today I was thinking about how I can live an inspired and serving life as that is my ultimate goal. To serve my family, friends, and community in any way shape or form and to live a purposeful/inspired life where I feel like I am doing and being my full self is the end goal for me. How am I doing that do you ask?


By doing just this.


I am on a mission. I am on a mission to share my story and to help others make this journey a little bit easier for those who precede me. This is what I want my legacy and footprint to be. I want to be the person who made being a lesbian easier and more accepted by today’s society. It drives me crazy that I am a 30 year old smart, successful, and confident woman who is lying. Lying to herself, lying to her family/friends, and limiting my ability to connect with everyone on am authentic level.


I know, I KNOW, I am not alone.


I hope by sharing my story and yes ultimately coming out of the closet will help others like me not only come out much earlier in life but will also create awareness & acceptance. I want to help educated, lead, and change society perception of what being a gay women means and how there is no, no reason to judge us. I want to eliminate the shame & fear around being yourself for anyone/everyone who is different. I want to lead the revolution. That is my dream and that is my purpose. Writing is my platform. At least for now 😉


Hollerifyafeelme. Peace4now.




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