Chippin’ Away


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I try to be aware as I possibly can and with that awareness I know that everyone is facing their own internal battles. More recently this starting sticking with me. When I mediate I am trying to understand how to let go and how to release my blocks that I have created through this life. I recently starting thinking about everyone else who is not trying to overcome a sexuality issue and wasn’t sure what other people were practicing for. Of course spiritual practices is more than just letting go and attempting to chip away at your internal blocks but hey it’s absolutely a part of it.

Recently one of my friends went on a trip with a group of women she brain storms with weekly. This is the first time they met in person and she learn that all of them have been through a sexual abuse issue. This almost leveled me.

This really opened my eyes that although I may feel like my rock is the largest in the planet EVERYONE’s chippin’ away at their own internal blocks.


Just a friendly reminder to never judge anyone’s status or exterior presences as EVERYONE has their own battles/blocks to face.

#Choosing love/fear. #hollerifyoufeelme