I apologize that it has been so long but the good news is I have finally arrived! I am happily settled in the OC and very stoked to be here!

It is such a strange feeling living somewhere you have never lived before and feeling like this was home all along. Don’t get me wrong NY is first and foremost closest to my heart but I feel like as soon as I landed here my soul felt at ease.

While I feel great about the move I continue to have an underlining feeling that goes a little something like this:

“Oh man what did I get myself into, this place is expensive.”

Which turns into this:

“I have to be successful”

Which turns into these wonderful sound bites:

  • “What if I am not that good at sales?”
  • “What if I cannot succeed?”
  • “What if I don’t sound good?”
  • “What are these other people thinking of me?”

These negative self-talks occur to me pretty much every day and if I am not aware of it they expand and strengthen. It expands into my calls that I am making. It expands when I communicate with my new team. This continues to create stress and anxiety if I let the hits keep Rollin’.

The good news is for me that although sometimes these thoughts are continuous I notice them and since I notice them I can stop them.

It has started to make me think of everyone else in the world adopting to change or just living there day to day existence of how the mind can be a self-deprecating thing.

These negative thought patterns if left to expand on their own can have huge negative impact on your reality.

You think negative thoughts and you will receive a negative outcome is chapter 101 in the attractor factor but I feel that so many people are not fully educated on this matter.

I always think of my brother whenever I think of my average person. He has gone through a lot in his life and I can’t even begin to picture how many negative thoughts go through his head and how he is not even aware of it. Or if he is aware of it he does not know how to stop it or change it.

So here are some simple words of advice to become aware if you are having negative thoughts and how to change your thought patterns. It has helped me reduce my stress levels and has made me more relaxed and confident in times when all I want to do is panic and eat chocolate cake, or tacos, or pizza. Well all 3.

  1. Get aware! Meditation has been the best way for me to become aware of my thoughts. If you don’t know where to start go online or download an app to beginner’s mediation and take it from there. Meditation is all about being still in the moment and at first you are just there to see what thoughts trickle into your mind. You would be amazed by how my thoughts can appear in 3 seconds’ time.
  2. Once you start noticing your thoughts start to re-focus your mind. In meditation, you are typically meditating on a thought or a mantra. As soon as you mind starts thinking of something else you must change directions without judging the thought and go back to the practice. It is hard at first but gets easy with time. Even if you cannot stop the incoming thoughts that’s OK, let them pass by and let them go and continue to do your best without judging yourself for not being good at this, no one is.
  3. Now that you notice start replacing the negative with the positive. Whether you are in meditation or going through your normal day start putting your meditation practice to use! Whenever you feel like you are replaying negative thoughts turn them off by replacing positive thoughts. Affirmations have helped me change negative thoughts and fit them into one of my positive affirmations.

For example: The thought of “What if I am not successful?” is replaced by the affirmation “All you desire is on its way. Do the work from a place of love and what you desire will arrive 10-fold.

I hope this helps anyone who stumbles upon it and if you are interested in learning more holler at me, I love a good chat. Hollerifyafeelme!