Love,Love, Love


The reason we are all floating through this universe is to find love. At least that is what I have learned to believe and is again my main reason for doing this.

What do I mean by doing this you may ask? All of it. The writing, the coming to terms with my sexuality & being damn proud of it, is all so I can find true & meaningful love. I have been thinking about this topic from a different vantage point the past two week and wanted to share a new thought process with you. In the past I have convinced myself that if I am open & honest and put myself out that my soulmate just may want to stop playing this game of hide’N’go seek with me and come out that not so obvious half open door, damn it i should have looked there!  Now I am thinking it may be more than just showing up with wide open arms.

In the book the Attractor Factor, by Joe Vitale, at a very high level, his whole premise is that what we think about attracts to us. Good,bad, or ugly, anything that our mind spends times thinking about will form into reality. The thing with this law is that if we come from a place of lack, we get more lack. For example, the thought of, I want to be in love, is coming from a place of lack. The notation that you want something, anything, means you have feelings of wanting something you do not have. And what does the universe do with that message? Exactly what you tell it to do, it provides more feelings and more reality of you wanting this but never receiving. What a bitch of a thought. It makes complete sense but is so counter intuitive to what you think we should be focusing on.

How we should be thinking should be coming from the place of pure abundance. If you feel like you are in love more love, in theory, will attract or come to you. In response to this I have been switching my thought process. I have started to make my mental vibrations come from a place of being in love which is not the easiest thing to do. I keep envisioning past relationships because those are where my feelings of love come from but the kicker is I do not want to think about the other person I just want to feel like I did when I was with them.

Completely tricky but if you can block out that person or even better replace the old person with a new image of what you would want your new mate to look like it starts to work. Not in the literal sense for me yet but separating the relationship and just thinking of being in love is starting to work. I can feel myself becoming lighter, happier, and not having this overwhelming longing feeling. I am hoping that feeling this way will start to attract more love into my life.

So, feel free to join me in acting as if. Faking it until you make it. I will tell you it is more fun than moping and hoping for things to change, just feel the feeling and let yourself be the change. Sending every one out there love so please throw some my way!