Getting out of my own way

So I am going to try something new.

I have been stressing, re-stressing, and sub-consiously re-stressing again over writing this blog and providing more insight into my journey. The reason why I m stressing is that I feel if i do not have a related sexual orientation topic worthy enough for your viewing pleasure then what real service am I doing?

What I have recently realized is that SURE I would love to have one million lesbain ground breaking ideas of how become your true authentic self  but oddly or not so oddly enough( depending on your vantage point) my life does not revolve around my sexuality. While of course I have thoughts that have to do with my sexuality throughout the day it is not my main focus of living an authentic and honest life.

After attending a Gabby Bernstein seminar last night and after I start writing on this blank blog post page a new thought process starting to click inside me.

My main mission is to serve and to help others like me and that does not need to look or sound a certain pigeonholed type of a way.

I love writing and sharing my thoughts with you no matter what the topic may be about. In my heart of hearts  I do think even if my thoughts and messages are not ground breaking ideas there is always a slim chance that one phrase, sentence, or story will resonate  with someone out there.

So that is my plan. To write. To spread love. To spread ideas. To help heal. To inspire. To move. To connect. ->>To anyone who is willing to listen.

So buckle up this should be interesting 🙂

Until tomorrow peaceloveiliziashiesinger- she’s great check her out!






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