If Seth Godin Can Do It…

Seth Godin is claimed to write blog posts each and every day.  He focuses on putting his life observations to work and sharing his thoughts each day with his readers. I have heard several interviews with him now and each time he is fully adamant that writing each day is where the magic happens and while other people have other writing habits this is how he serves the world.

I like this.

This thought process comes off overwhelming but very do-able. When deciding if i wanted to be a Seth Godin type of writer the fear of not having something to write each day of course crossed my mind. Seth smashes this apprehension by stating something along the lines of ” you are human of course you are going to come up with something to say.” I am down with this madness but my concern as I stated before was for this blog to add value to people’s lives not just be my morning opinions of the weather that day, so I decided I’m going to try this with the expectation that everything I write will provide some type of value( You will love hearing about the weather I promise I am better than Al Roker). My trying timeframe is going to be for the next 40 days starting..not just yet..ok..NOW seems good.

What I would like to discuss today is people’s reality  versus your reality.

I am in sales and part of my job is to talk to approximately 1 million people a week. That is an overstatement but I actually talk to 100 people a week and rounding up seemed like the best mathematical choice.

While talking to these 1 million people my goal is to understand not only one person’s needs but the whole companies’ needs. So my main goal is to speak with each and every hiring manager that I believe my services can help. Where this get sticky is with HR AKA human resource professionals.While they are not my true decision markers they are typically mixed up in my sales process, since they are “over” the personal.

I made a connection with one HR rep and while I was working with him I was reaching out to different department managers to learn about their exact needs to ensure I would do the best possible job when they needed the help.

Well this did not sit well with Mr.HR rep. He finally picked up my calls after I *67ed him. Thats right, I sneak attacked him( *67 is not just for your crazy ex girlfriend, you’ve been warned). Once I got him on the phone he basically told me that he though I had a lack of integrity for reaching out to other managers that were not him. While this is not at all true and really I would be better serving HIM by learning more from the department managers it really threw me off.

My only intention is to help people and serve them to the best of my ability and when he stated that I had a lack of integrity it had me questioning everything from my sales process to thoughts about buying him gifts for the next 6 weeks to prove how sorry I was.

After consulting an outside sales ninja friend she eased my worries that I did nothing wrong and he must be deflecting some type of inner experience he was having onto me.

This brings me to my reality versus people’s reality point. While we hope that we are communicating effectively enough that people are aware of our intentions their reality is based on other outside factors that have nothing to do with you and your intentions. People will either respond positively or negatively and there is little within our control that we can do about that. All we can do is come from a place of pure love and hope that is enough to shine through.  Don’t beat yourself up if you are doing the right thing. Don’t second guess yourself if you know in your gut you did the best you could. Control what you can control and leave the worrying for someone else because it is not worth it effecting your reality.

#peacelove&integrity #1/40





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