Be joyful today.

Don’t worry everyone I am not going to talk about the weather but I did think about it 🙂

It is sunny and 79 in Socal, OK I am done.

Today I ask you to start being joyful today.  Stop waiting for “happiness” to come to you or plan on it arriving when you have that new car, house, toy, boyfriend,husband, girlfriend, wife, right job, baby, and the list goes on and on. The pursuit of happiness or the chasing of items that we believe will lead to happiness 1) May never happen( at least not in the way you planned it would. “Man makes plans and God laughs.” ) 2) When & if it does happen will it be all its crack up to be? Will it lead to a life time of ever lasting happiness?

The answer if you truly think about it is NO.

Happiness is not a destination.

It is an emotion.

It is part of the journey.

By placing so much pressure on chasing these dreams that we believe so whole heartily will bring us to a state of pure happiness and peace is not only not part of the human reality but that type of chasing makes us miss out on what life is all about

Life is a roller coaster.  It is full of moments of pure joy and yet pure sadness. We get up and fall back down and the falls are what makes standing up so damn great.

So please, faithful readers, start being happy TODAY. Find a little piece of joy in every part of your day and bring the happiness streaming live to you NOW. There is no waiting, hoping or praying. Make it part of your reality and start living your life in the now and be excited for the current day.  You will be amazed how happy you can be.

#2/40 #happinessisapipedream #joy=now





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