By helping others we help ourselves

A wise person once said  “If we are looking for help, help others. If we are looking for joy, find gratitude.”

I am honestly not sure who the hell said this.

My Google search came up with no direct source so if you in fact coined this message please raise your hand and I will happy to give credit where credit is due.

Regardless of the source this message is 100% accurate and can apply to most areas of our lives where we are stuck in a space of “whoa is me” and are coming from a place of lack rather than pure abundance.

So many times through the course of my day I hear people complaining about not having enough. Enough of what you may ask? Everything and anything. You know these people and we are all guilty of falling right into this self-pity pit( like pits weren’t bad enough already ) and we never stop during this energy sucking cycle to stop & ask ourselves when was the last time I have done something for others and stop focusing on me,me,me,me?( Please picture the voice of the seagulls in Finding Nemo crying mine,mine,mine to get a full sense of how this sounds in my head).

Our society is so quick to ask for things and EXPECT things to come our way because why? We deserve it in some way? We ask for the world  but when the tables are turned and we are asked for anything in return the the general response is “what’s in it for me though” ? 

I am here to share that giving will provide receiving and all that we are lacking is reflection of what we are not doing for others.

I took time today to help a women who is struggling with her career search. She was shocked, I mean shocked, that I would without any strings attached, help her when she had nothing to offer me. I told her that my mission is to help anyone I can about the things I have knowledge on.

That’s it.  That is how simple it can be. Not only did I help her, it made me feel good to know that this conversation may be all she needed to see the light and feel better about her situation.

So please my brothers & sisters, stop the madness. We are not placed on this great earth of ours to drive,drive,drive, or do,do,do until we get,get,get everything we think we want and THEN think of others on the backend. That is not how it works. We are meant to be one. To be connected. To grow together.To strive together.

We are as great as our weakest link.

So let’s start strengthening this massive universal chain of ours, shall we?

#lovefindingnemo # findingdorisowasntasgood #3/40 #hollerifyafeelme






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