Release & then release again.

My post yesterday was all about helping others and while I firmly believe in that whole heartily I again am human and fall into these pit falls.

While I was walking out of my local whole foods, AKA the place where money goes to die, I saw these two cute young girls standing in the sun, attempting to sign up people to donate to this charity. They went right after me and as a sale professional I was more than happy to stop and listen. While I am in a place of saving money a minimum donation did not seem like something that would be too cumbersome for me to take on especially because the girl who “sold me” told me I can change it any time.

This does not seem to be the case. It looks like the monthly enrollment once executed is a done deal. This did not make me feel so great and made me regret giving in the first place.

Not my proudest moment but yes that was my initial reaction. After sitting with this anger  I started thinking of my post from last night and how easy it is to slip down the path of feeling a sense of lack.  After I talked my ego back off the ledge and starting thinking from a place of love I could feel my anger start to subside.

When we are aware of our feelings and take notice of when we are coming from a place of fear  rather than love we need to acknowledge the feeling, work through it, and then release it. And then release again and again every time that fear reemerges.

It takes constant awareness and it’s a daily practice. Don’t beat yourself  up or judge yourself for having these thoughts, it is part of our human/ego driven experience. The beautiful thing is our thoughts can change in a matter of seconds, so be patient, be caring, and that is when the magic will unfold.

#Release&releaseagain #humanexperience #4/40


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