BFF Apps

While I am constantly on dating apps to attempt to connect with another soul I also on this bummble BFF app beause I am new to the area and can always use more like minded friends.

I am here to tell you the BFF app may be worse then the dating app. My frustrations with the dating app is there is no, at least on the surface level, girls on the same feminine scale as me. Fair enough,supply seems low, and all I can do is keep searching.

The BFF app is a whole other animal. These girls are on here to make friends and the whole deal is if you are a “match” you have 24 hours to reach out or that is it,friendship is over. I continue to be matched with a lot of chicks and when I go to reach out I get nada in response. I don’t know if the friendship demand is as strong as mine is but there seems to be a full lack of urgency around their response system.   I am not sure if the whole wanting to make more friends is just lower on their to do list or if they by mistake signed up for this app when trying to look for dudes.

Either way it continues to amaze me that people rave about finding their spouses via the web and I can’t even find a girl to take a yoga class with me. I dig inward to see if i am maybe blocking or resisting this from occurring on a subconsious  level  and I honestly don’t know what it could be.

The only thought that comes to mind is maybe this is the universe’s way of saying I am looking in the wrong place. I do notice myself being quick to write off all the models who are on there and swipe right for anyone who owns their own business, so I started swiping right to anyone who lived in reasonable mile radius of my house no matter their occupation . See that universe I AM OPEN!

I hate that I am complaining  and for sure this app is better than no app but I am ready to receive some ROI on the time I spend swiping right. Suggestions of other friend vertices please send my way.


# 5/40 #Ithink? #femalefriendshipsanyone?


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