Do what you feel in the moment.

Really simple message today friends.

Do what makes you joyful and what gives you peace  in the precise moment of time.

Sunday we sprung forward and this morning was the first school day( aka work day) that I had to adjust my morning world to meet this new wake up call.

Morning routines are so important to me because I firmly believe at the end of the day we are the accumulation of our habits so I try to exercise,read, and meditate before getting ready for work each and every day.

This morning I wanted none of that. I wanted to sit in my bed listen to the birds just for a moment of time. While I was fully awake and able to do all my morning routines my soul did not want that today. It want to sit, listen, and relax. So allowed myself to do what I normally do not do. I was slightly concerned through the course of my day that maybe I didndid’ntt set myself up for a successful day but by letting that thought go and being at peace with my choice I actually had a better day than I’ve had in awhile.

So while putting off important things all the time is not the answer to forming successful habits, listening to your body, and knowing what it truly needs, will guide you towards peace.


#6/40 #atleastIdid’nttalkabouttheweather #release&trustyourself



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