Mind F*

 While today started off supremely well, woke up at 4:30am, at work early, good convos in the morning, but then something turned at approximaley 12:30pm.

I could not tell what it was but I 100% had an energy shift so I decided to grab myself a ice green latte( which I really don’t understand why they are such high in caloric intake especially when you get a tall/ non-fat one, is it not just f’n tea and milk?) to try to switch my energy before returning to the office to make more calls.

Despite my attempts to shift there was something lingering that I could not place.

Then this happened.  Without going through all the details I received an e-mail  from a friend who was upset with me. She mentioned several non-controllable points geared towards why she is upset. While I understood 100% what she was saying the items that through me off and that sent me full-steam ahead into my energy funk were these non-controllables she mentioned in the text. They were so unrelated to the core issue that it still upsets me as I am writing it.

While I know all anger is fear based I try to let go and understand that maybe she was just trying to have me fully comprehend where she was coming from.  So that is fine, I am working on finding my way back to love as we speak.

The thing is I can’t help to feel like this event was either brought on my energy depletion and I somehow mainfest the situation to life or that my mind/soul earlier today had started to prepare and react to the future events that occured.

So which is it? Am I a psychic or did I manifest this by being in a lower energy vibration for half the day?

Fully heavy, I know, yet I completely buy into the fact that our thoughts create our current reality. When I was coming from a place of negative energy this afternoon was I just starting to mix the batter for this cake of an e-mail that came my way?

I would say yes that is more than likely true. The question still remains was the energy shift causation or a sympothom of what was to come?

Sip on that for a second.

#7/40  #mindhurts #thoughts=reality



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