8/40 ain’t bad?

Ugh friends I only made it to 8 days in a row of writing! I’m not very proud of myself and I’m working through a leaf-pile of excuses right now on why it didn’t happen, why it’s too hard, why,why,why. This is all nonsense. I refuse to let this blip in my writing journey stop me from what I set out to do which was to write every damn day.

The thing is I love it, I find joy in releasing and sharing, and the fact that although my journey is not ideal I’m not going to let this stop me because the drive and the motivation I had when I started still remains.

So many times I hear of people building momentum towards their goals and then one day  something goes out of whack and the negative self-talk track starts:

  • All that was done for nothing

  • I wasted all that time with no good end result

  • Why start something if all I am going to do is fail again?

  • I am a failure

All this self talk is garbage. We are human and one instance of not meeting a goal does not make us any of the above. We need to switch gears and get off that crazy ego driven mind train.  Here is why.

Life a journey, filled of bumps and bruises . We are all learning every single day and  nothing is ever perfect. This is a long race my brothers & sisters and if we are constantly trying to form better habits and then jumping ship once a slight hickup occurs then nothing great can ever become. If this thing meant that much to you that you wanted to start it and the same reasons still apply then you owe it to yourself to start again. Start as many times as you need because if it is that important you need to give yourself the room to mess it up from time to time until it sticks( 21 days to form a habit P.S).  And here is the kicker: Be patient & kind with yourself! Don’t judge yourself and the process, you are fighting the good fight and that is all anyone can do.

So I am going to dig my heals in, start to re-focus, and reclaim my dialy writing habit that I am looking to form and I encourage y’all( yes now I am southern) to do the same.

Carry on friends.

#bumpsintheroad #embaracethechallenge  #startingoverdoesnotmeanwelost #1/40





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