Roadmaps of reality

Hey Masters of the Universe, Happy Monday!

I went to see Niurka this weekend for a full day workshop . For those of you who do not know of her she is a kick ass spirutality guide who worked with Tony Robbins for 8 years and believe Brian Tracy prior to that all starting @ the age of 19. Highly recommend her to break through some reoccurring patterns if you got um( hmm yea thats everyone).

While she teaches many things she focused her lessons at the seminar around the power of language. She went through different examples of how when we speak to ourselves, to others, and to the universe/god/buddha/whomever is what we shall receive in our physical reality.

So often we will talk out-loud or to ourselves when looking for answers on how to gain desired results. The issue is the way we go about asking for answers either supplies us with more of what we lack or more abundance than we could have dreamed possible. The slight difference between having all the answers to being stuck in a rut is the way we frame our thoughts and words.

Quick example goes a little something like this:

The question of “How do I stop procrastinating”  vs  “How can I go about achieve this goal in xyz timeframe” can create polar opposite effects although our end goal intention is the same.

The universe when hearing the statment “How do I stop procrastinating, first hears the word procrastinating and then can only manifest more of the same feeling because that is the word that you choose to focus in on. The universe only wants to supply you MORE of what you ask for.

By re-framing the question you are allowing the universe to provide you answers rather than more of what you actually do not want.

While this is all very interesting and I completely believe 100% of it to be true she goes on to talk about how we perceive or how we hear certain words in our mind is not how others absorb them into their mind.

When our mind processes information and words it looks to correlate these inbound ideas with stories of our past to make that statement make sense in the world as we see it.

She gives the example of getting so excited to go on a cruise with her boyfriend and says to him while they are packing that she hopes it will be just like the Titanic. When she says this statement in her mind she thinks of the relationship between the two main characters and how they formed a soulmate love for one another and is looking for an experience like that. While hearing the same word, all the boyfriend heard was everyone on that boat died why would I want a trip like that?

Why this matters is that we all have different versions of our realities we live in. Different words mean different things to just about any person you encounter and part of what we learned is that effective communicators are able to understand that person’s roadmap of their reality to build connection and rapport. All interesting stuff right?

So while I am re-listening to the bonus audio given to us about all of the above I am trying to apply this to my sales life and trying to build more rapport by understanding someone else’s roadmap of their reality.

It is all starting to make sense and while I know this is a hard thing to master I figure with practice why can’t I be the reality roadmap whisperer? The RRW is what they will call me. That’s when the universe stopped me in my tracks basically saying “That’s a nice thought so why not see what you’ve got?”

I have a client that we are continuing to grow our market share in and as a thank you my company offered to take the client and their friend to a live event with the best seats in the house. This is all exciting and was hopefully going to bring our business relationship to the next level.

So we have been planning this for about a month now and TODAY I receive an e-mail that my client stating: Sorry I cannot make it, but not to worry his friend was still able to come.

Well that is interesting I thought after unglueing my eyes from the computer screen.

This offering, from my perspective, was to spend more time together and to build a stronger relationship but the response I received back did not seem to match a mutual understanding of what the tickets were intended for.  I mean it is great that the friend can still come but this by no means is helping us build anything.  They might as well have said “don’t worry I gave them to these nice people walking the street” and it would have generated the same feeling.

This invitation to me was about more than just a event but to my client it seems like this was just an event and we are talking about the same damn thing!

So while I am not a jedi master at this whole reading people’s roadmaps of reality  it has helped me to master my internal emotions. A statement like this 6 months ago, hell probably 2 days ago, would have sent me off the handle bars and into full gossip mode.

Today and moving forward I can now be more understanding with the fact that  we are all just living our own version of our current reality and no one’s way is not right or wrong. We are looking for connection and it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than just listening to the words that are coming out of anyone’s mouth.

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