Writing my way to clarity

I have been focusing my mornings and nights on asking the universe open ended questions or one may say powerful questions regarding getting some guidance during my daily actives that should be lead me to long term goals.

I have been recently asking the universe “How can I book more meetings with people who want and need my help effortlessly?”

Now that I am actually writing this out( I honestly had no idea where this post was going until just now) the word effortlessly may be the reason why I have not received my intended results. The word effortlessly to means easy. The issue with that word is  making connections on the phones that allows me to book more meetings will always take conscious effort and will never be just a hit the “easy” button solution.  Without effort you come across as an old school used car sales man trying to make a sly deal and you are listening to respond rather than listening to understand.

Taking it a step further what I mean by effortlessly is naturally. I want to make connections naturally and with certainity that each conversation will lead to my desired result of serving others.

So thanks to me sitting down and writing today I have actually answered my own question of why my sales calls may not be clicking.

Amazing how that works. I could have spent the most of my night thinking this issue through and  would more than likely have came up with the solution but there is something to put your thoughts and emotions in print that makes everything much clearer.

I am sure this has been said 1 million times before but while our mind is racing through 10,000 thoughts per second being able to calm the mind my actually thinking through the words you write provides a level of clarity that I don’t think you get from letting you mind run wild.

So while I do encourage constantly brain storming throwing your storm of a thought process on a blank page can yield much faster results.

Keep the storm brewin’

#stormyoutthere #4/40 #writinghealsall



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