Do The Work.Be it, Don’t act as if.

Today I was tuning into the Jess Lively podcast show which is all about little Jess lively on her journey to find inner alignment. It is great to hear how she is processing information that I am absorbing either prior to her or at the same time as her and she gives a great vantage point on all the information she is  implementing into to her day to day alignment practice and helps make it seem real and doable for anyone who is interested in barking up the same tree

She had a guest on her show, Brooke Catillo, who is quite the badass herself, and they were going into more details on alignment and how to attract what we most desire.

While I have been mediating and visualizing for some time now I can feel  and hear hesitation 0r self doubt that trickles in from my ego mind when conducting my practice. Unfortantely as Brooke pointed out, any form of doubt, will  only separate me from manifesting my true worldly desires.

She gave an amazing suggestion that acting as if and stating something that you want to happen in the present tense will not work to bring our desires into our reality. For example if you are acting as if you have xyz,  as if you are xyz, or as if you are with xyz, you are still just acting, you are not living that as your current truth. It is when you are in a full emotional awareness that you are this person, you have this money, you are in this relationship, is when the magic starts to flow.

The emotional connection really gave me a insight that I did not fully understand or fully implement before but it makes total f’n sense.

You need to BE that person now that you desire to BE. Being is believing and when we believe it can only be true.

Check out both their podcast to learn more, its a trip I tell you, but defiantely one worth taking.

#BeitDon’tactasif  #5/50 #alignment #soulsisters





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