Hi Players,

Happy Saturday! So to follow up on my post from yesterday as I have exciting news!

I have been doing a lot of thinking and processing of being in alignment with your intuition to produce desired results. It’s funny because I have been doing the work for about 5 years now and just this past week it started to click for me ( all happens at the  time it is suppose to never a moment before ).

I am really focusing on feeling the feeling of the desired result NOW as it was happening at this date and time oppose to acting “as if” which seems like a far off place in the not so present future. So I have been focusing on feeling in love, feeling pure unlimited abundance, and feeling how it is to be a kick ass sales person.

While I was meditating on the abundance thing some magic flew my way.  I was thinking of how I would feel if I had all the money in the world and one thought or feeling was dominate and that was I would DO  more NOW. I would invest more and I would give more.  As I was sitting with this feeling my mind reminded me that I received this crazy amount( really not that crazy) of tax return money in which I was not sure what I was going to do with it. The part of my brain that is focused on LACK was like, great news! Save it, squirel it away for a rainy day. That is when the shift occurred.

No one who is in a state of pure ABUNDANCE is thinking I should really save this money just in case there is a rainy day. They do the complete opposite. They think of ways to use the money to yield more money in the future!

I’ve  been dying to invest in a business coach  for over a year now and the tax return money is the exact amount I would need. Then Mr. Ego chimed in. I think I will start calling him Vance from now on. Yeah that is perfect, Vance it is.

Vance loves to come into my thoughts as soon as things seem scary because Vance is trying to do everything to just survive and spending money is counter intuitive to Mr. Vance in terms of my survival. So I do as all humans do. I start rationalizing why it is not a good idea and started playing with spread sheets to calculate why it makes more sense to save it. As soon as I was aware of what Vance had tricked me into thinking I stopped and got myself back in alignment with what my inner guidance was telling me. It basically screamed at me that saving this money would not serve my greater good. And how the hell would saving it for a “rainy day” really going help me? It is not like this would help off set a thunderstorm, it would only help for an allotted period of time  and provided NO R.I.O.

So that is it. I signed my contract today and I feel such a great sense of assurance and excitement because I know how much value this will add to my life TODAY. Not tomorrow, no sometime in the near future, not when it feels right, or when i have enough, F’n NOW!

So while I am still trying to BE the person I want to be NOW in other areas of life( I got hit up for a bisexual mixer, so yea still  tons of work to do on the love thing) it feels amazing to be on the right track.

Points to remember are that Vance is never going to stop coming up and that is OK! All we can do is continue our practice of what will best serve us and not judge the process. We will always fall in and out of alignment but just know it is as easy to fall out as it is to fall back in. Do the work.

BE the person you want to be TODAY. Namaste my sisters&brothers.




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