Weekday blues

Today was a good day. I finally found myself on a yoga mat, breathing, and getting ready to start the class. I remember thinking if only every morning, every day, can be just like this I would be extremely happy.

Situation is it wasn’t even that glorious of a day. I woke up early, did some work, drove my friend to the airport, and then strolled through a farmers market while I waited for class to being. While I was reflecting on my current feeling of happiness I had a shot of ego based reality kick in that that “Oh well tomorrow is Monday so I might as well enjoy this feeling now. ”

It is amazing how the thought of a work week seems to bog down my happiness of the day.

I love getting into work Monday morning and asking everyone how their weekend was and sure enough, without fail, mostly everyone’s response is something around the lines of “Too short” or “Not long enough.”

I easily fall right into that mindset as well  but why?

Why can’t a work day give us the same feeling we get during the weekend? I understand that 8+ hours of our days are spent at work but is it really all that bad? Did we not CHOOSE the profession we are in therefore choosing what we do with most of our conscious time?

I think we can all agree that yes, we did make that choice.

It is a whole other talking point about not liking your job but for those of us who like what we do or even better love what we do why do we still get hung up in this week day blues session?

I personally love talking to people and love learning new things which is basically what my job consists of on a daily basis. Sure there are ups and downs, especially in sales, but that is what makes the great days so great. So why do we beat ourselves up and look at this week as a prison sentence oppose to a miracle that we get to be doing what we enjoy doing and get paid for doing it?  I even spent time on my weeks doing extra work to have a more successful week, that is how much I like and am excited about what I do.

Seems strange right. I think the reason I get caught up in this weekly blues session is that although I love what I am doing the clock starts when I set foot in the office. What does this clock measure you may ask?


I have 8 hours to make 100 phone calls( tick)

My goal is to talk to 30 people( tock)

Book 5 meetings within those 30 conversations(tick).

I can actually hear it ticking in my ear as I am speaking to this now. The ticking is a reminder not only of these daily goals but that each of these daily goals will determine my success or failure. This pressure is what I believe is what causing the anxiety of walking into a work weekday oppose to sitting on my laptop on a Sunday night.

How happy would be all be if we were able to breakdown the walls of fear/ anxiety around the workday and  instead fully embrace the day by doing our absolute  best and having F’n fun while doing it?

That sounds like a workday worth having. Hell I would skip the weekend if I could have workdays like that.

So release and let go as we embark on this upcoming work week. There will be ups and down, highs and lows. Ride them out, allow the lows to teach you something new while knowing learning does not equal failure or stress and allow the highs to bring you joy and a sense of  ease. It is all just a game and you are the only one actually keeping score so play your heart out players and make the game worth talking about during your  Sunday bunch.


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