Create waves

Today was not such a great day. By trying to become more aligned and in-tune with my emotional vibration I am now uber sensitive to when things go array throughout the course of the day.

Last week this admin in an office I go to from time to time do work threw off my energy so much by saying some rude unnecessary comment that I actually shifted my whole outlook on the day. I did not realize how much it bothered me until others started commenting on how rude it was.

I was fast to join the train of “yes that was rude ” of her because at least it now it wasn’t all in my head in regards to what I was feeling.

Jumping on this train of I am right and she was wrong did not seem to sit well with me either as today I had to be in the office with her and knew she was going to be spoken to for the manner in which she interacted with me.

While it did shake me her comment, the right thing to do would have been to address how I was feeling then and there, instead of brushing it under the rug and letting it fester into a “problem”. I thought I was being respectful by walking away and not making a big deal of it because in my heart I don’t think what she did had any real hurtful intention. I truly think she was just trying to do her job and maybe had a hard time of how to approach the situation with me. Regardless by me not saying anything and by others talking about the event it created this low energy vibe throughout the office that gave me a nice headache most of the afternoon.

Even when we think we are taking the  more socially correctly route by not creating any “waves” maybe that is what we should be doing. Addressing how we others make us feel in the exact moment is the fastest way to heal and reconnect from the seperation to our brothers and sisters. While I do think this is fixable I am now on a longer path to recovering that human connection than I would have been if I addressed it up front.

Coming from a place of good intention and being honest is the only way towards the light and every other path is a step in the wrong direction.

Create waves, get uncomfortable, avoid headaches.

Good night friends and here is to a powerful new day.



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