Sorry Seth Godin

So if you have been following me, you know I was on a mission to make it to 40 straight days of writing and now is the 2nd time I have not succeeded. The first go around I made it to 8 days and I made it to 10 this time around. So I mean progress has been made but still not able to achieve my goal.

I actually have no excuses this time other than life got in the way which may not be a bad thing. By writing 18 days on and off for the past month I have really been able to focus my thoughts and make them clear manifesting my current life AKA reality which is what got in my way of writing. Ignorinc how that works ( Humans plan & God laughs).

The first time of not hitting my goal upset me as I felt shame of not being able to follow through to completion because that is what my life has always been about.

Make the goal, fight like hell to do everything in your power to achieve it, no excuses.

This time I felt and feel differently. 

It was either Jess lively or Brooke Castillo podcast that helped me change my thoughts process on this.

Our society in regard to the self help, the how to be an ultra achiever world, is all about setting goals and changing your whole damn life to achieve them. A take no prisioners type of mentalility. While having goals is amazing and helps us stay on track to not living a “floating through life” of an existence  there is a law of diminishing returns at play here.

When we set goals but are fighting so hard to achieve them that we are pushing our way to the finish line rather then getting there at ease and grace there is a problem.

When we feel this pushing feeling we have become misaligned with our emotion connection to this goal. None of our goals should feel like they are depriving us from joy when trying to accomplish them. They should of course challenge us and take hard work but when you feel like depleted when fighting like hell to achieve it rather than energizied by the goal, it may be time to take a step back and get a new vantage point around the situation.

While driving home this week from taking my great aunt to dinner I was so exhausted that when I went to open my computer all I wanted to write was the word SLEEP 17 times in a row and call it my 11/40 day of writing. Sound like something you would want to read right?

Hitting this 11/40 was not the point of this because it really had nothing to do with my big goal which was  add value to you people and get clarity on my own thoughts. The word sleep written 17 times is helping no one including my half asleep self that night.

So while I am going to strive to write everyday I am not going to put a # goal associated with my writing. The pressure of hitting this 40 # is what has stolen the original intention of  my goal and got me all misaligned.

So when in doubt or when you feel like you are pushing through something, take a step back, realign, and do what makes you FEEL GOOD.

Thats all I got friends for today. Happy trails and Namaste 🙂



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