Hello is anyone out there, can anyone hear me?

(Totally pulled that title line from the Titianic movie so please take credit as credit is obviously due).

Any who, hey friends. How are you?

Good question right.

That is is what I have been working on.

Asking POWERFUL open ended questions. Open ended meaning you cannot answer YES or NO to them, you must give some sort of opinion or show a thought process . This is sales 101 for not getting a NO which is like running into a dead end street after a 5 hour road trip with 1 mile left to go.

Open ended questions also seem to be known as POWERFUL questions.

Example of these questions are: Who, what, where, when, how, would(sometimes if the timing is right).

After a couple of spiritual semniars I recently attneded apparantely asking these open questions are also powerful questions to ask the universe when stuck on something.

So I have been asking powerful questions around my big goals in life, one being my dating world, which if you wonder what this blog post’s initial intention was, it was to talk about just that. Sadly I haven’t had any successes stories to share which is why I rant and rave about other topics that amuse me.

Well today I was asking how I can open my heart more. More specifically I was asking how I can open my heart more to receiving or being interested in the non-straight girl population.

There is this new girl at work and not to say I am attracted to her but there is something interesting about her. And that is how it starts.

The curiosity leads to more attempts to hang out, more hanging out means I either fall deeper into curiosity and as my typically story line goes I try( sometimes successfully) to make this girl fall in love with me.

Bad path. Same old sad old story. So done with it.

So while I am asking myself the questions how do I open my heart to a girl who wants to be a in a long lasting relationship with another girl my mind does what it’s made to do, it tries to come up with solutions to questions.

My first thought was well we( meaning me)  are trying dating sites and Facebook groups but all I get are some 25 year old admins who seem semi attractive  but then my mind goes to well how are you really planning on connecting with a 25 year old admin? You are on completely different wave lengths. Thats when I tell my ego to shut up and as long as they love and take pride in it what they do why do I care what there title is?

This circle of pain goes on for sometime in my mind but either way the truth is I don’t care what they do but they do have to be on the same wave length to have a possibly connection I am afraid to admit.  Either way not a bunch of strong potential matches/ wave lenghts coming my way from the dating app world.

Which leads my to my Facebook account that I PURPOSELY created to explore local gay communities and groups. Kicker is everything I have joined just leads to my news feed being full on genitals that I frankly do not want to see. Come on people who really is turned on by seeing a full frontal vag pic. Ok don’t answer that but I sure as hell am not.

So back to my original question of how can I open my heart to a girl who is looking to be in a relationship with another girl I still have not received the answer I am looking for.

So peeps here is your shot to converse with me.

Tell me all the things I am doing wrong in this search party because I need help.

I am open to all sorts of ideas and would love to hear from someone currently on this search or who has been successful in this search.

The only thing is I can’t promise some powerful questions as a response.

Holler at me. I am open for business.




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