Opportunity Knocks but do we hear it?

Hi Friends. What is happening.

Well since you are the silent type I will share what is happening with me.

It is funny how I spend SO much time setting my intention and trying to manifest my desires into reality that and when they actually friggin’ happens I don’t even realize what the hell is going on.

Allow me to explain.

In regards to my love life I ranted a couple of days ago about how I was( still kind of am) attracted to this new girl although she is 100% not available because well, she likes GUYS. Despite my better judgement and knowing my same old chasing the unavailable girl story, I went out of my way to stay and hang with her last night.

The thing about me is when I like someone, romantic or not romantic, I will allocate more time then I even thought would be possible. If someone I sort of had a connection with asked me to stay late and hang out I would probably have denied them as my time alone is more valueable to me but when I feel a true connection, I go all out.

There is a connection and now I am of course trying to fight these butterfly feelings and am trying to rationalize why it is OK to allocate my time to her even if there is no romantic future.

And then it hits me. I have been asking and opening my heart to allowing a romantic, soulmate connection, to enter my world, but I have also been asking for spiritual friendships, ya know deep connections!

So bingo, there it is, right in front of me and I almost missed it, a spirtual friend is here not a romance opportunity.

On the career front I was meeting with a client and she asked me a fairly simple question and at the time I did not think much of it.

She asked, do you love what you do?

Usually this is a pretty easy answer but today I had to think about it. I do love sales and helping people but do I love everything about my job? Jury is still out on this one but I am happy enough is what I felt like replying with.

Then this afternoon I was asked the same question AGAIN

Although asked in a slightly different way., this women asked are you passionate about your job? I was so thrown off that I gave her my  P.C answer but the real answer is no, I want something more.

I ideally want to have the flexibility and mobility to work from a beach chair, that my friends, is the goal.

While I think this job is good and will make me the money in the short term I don’t think it will fit my long term goals if I am being honest.

This is also something I have been working on, visualizing myself as a millionaire. I want to do big big things and never have to worry about money again but the exact path on how to get there consistence in my head of having a great sales job and being a best selling author. While this job is good I don’t think it will get me to my ultimate financial goals.

The thing about this second conversation is this women is interested in learning more about me becoming a sales rep for her. She had awesome energy and it sounded great so I told her I would be open to hearing her out but the thought of leaving my current role scared the hell out of me

And why?!!!! This is what I have been ASKING for!

While I am processing how to deal with both situations, more so the whole career thing( more on this to come) it is amazing that I would have missed these universal signs and gifts if I didn’t  sit down to write and reflect.

Take time, reflect, and look for the small signs throughout your day because the universe is listening so we best start tuning in.

#universeislisteningbutarewe? #ask&youshallreceive #signs #manifest


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