Adam and who?

Hi Friends,

Sorry it has been so long but I’m back!

Over the weekend I had some visitors and the topic came up about sexuality.

My friend recently met with a guy she really like that she could ” tell” he was gay.

Apparently he meets all the stereotypical classifications of how a gay man would look, talk, and act.  The discussion was brought up in regards to the fact that he was actually dating a girl for the past 15 years and although he may actually like boys he loved her. She was amazed that  1) he was dating a girl 2)  he did not already know he was gay

Interesting, I thought. Looking at me you would never think I look,speak, or dress like a lesbian but here I am prancing around looking for the girl of my dreams.

I find humor in this because the world is not so black and white and even for my very evolved friend it seems to be concept that many people are still not able to grasp especially regarding sexuality.

The fact of the matter is yes I like girls and will only be truly happy in regards to having a sex life if I am with a girl. But what if things aren’t so cut and dry and that a boy who may like dudes could actually be in love with a girl?

I can feel myself going into all the different definitions and sexual orientations rabbit hole and I honestly don’t know enough to venture into the cave of a thought process so I will leave you with this.

Maybe what we are all searching for is a soul connection, whether or not we are drawn to different genders may actually be based on the souls of the people living in a certain human exterior?

When did we put so many parameters around  sexual preferences and what is deemed “normal”?

Please stand down if you are going to give me the whole,”Ever since Eve gave the apple to Adam” nonsense. I understand, in the Biblical heterosexual  world this is the only way and if you feel that way maybe stop reading this right

Any-who, even if it did start with so called “Eve and Adam” has anyone noticed that we have evolved since then?

We don’t have to use our wisdom teeth anymore thats for damn sure and all the dentist continue to do is tell me to take them out as I cry ” No they were meant to be in my mouth for a reason!”

So why if the species as a whole can and is expected to evolve in regard to looks, intelligence,  technology advancements, desires, and motives does our sexuality have to fit into a shade of black or white where it has no room to evolve?

From where I stand it doesn’t.  A human connection is a human connection no matter what body parts are under those hipster cloths( yes I just stereotyped you all as hipsters now) and putting anything in a box, especially sexuality, is so short sighted that it hurts me.

So here is to thinking outside of the box in regard to traditional and non-tradition view points. Stop believing the stories you have come to know as the truth and start listening and learning, you are bound to learn that the world is full of all different shades of colors


#peace&love #nojudgement #humanconnection


3 thoughts on “Adam and who?

  1. As someone who was married, had kids and all the other hetero-normative things that society told me to want, I believed that I was in love (at least at some point) with my ex husband. I believed that I liked boys (as much as I liked girls)…but a year and a half later I am out, I am happy and I have come to terms with the fact that not only am I SO GAY, I always was, I just wasn’t ready to see it yet.

    My girlfriend tells me that although I wasn’t out when we met, to her, I screamed lesbian. After meeting her (gay) roommate for the first time, he told her ‘that girl is definitely a lesbian’ and I wasn’t owning yet at that point either. I think that sometimes things are a lot clearer with an outside perspective and sometimes we WANT to believe what we have been told our entire life even if somewhere, deep inside, we know its not true.

    And that’s not to say that guy doesn’t or didn’t love that girl, but there are different types of love. I loved my ex-husband the best way I knew how at the time, but now I know that wasn’t real love, it was just what I thought it was supposed to be. Good enough, is never enough…because I was meant for something more, we all are.

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