The worst of all feelings I believe is the “blah” feeling.

I know, I KNOW, there are many other serious feelings like depression and grief and there are tons of anger based emotions that are not so great either especially when you don’t know how to properly control them  but for me I would have to say the blah feeling  takes the winner’s trophy.

Why I feel this way is the “blah” feeling is really undefinable. It is an in between emotion that really has no strong association to it. At least with Anger and depression you can easily define it, at least in most cases, but the blah feeling is hard to pin point why you feel that way.

I have been in this blah state for the last two days and when I try to shift my energy around to get rid of this feeling it sets right back in.

Because this blah feeling is so hard to identify the root cause it just feels like you are floating from hour to hour not experiencing any spikes of emotion, everything just seems blah.

I guess the true answer is to try to get to the root of this blah causation and to dig deep on what it could really be but what if you dig and you find nothing? Is the answer just to dig some more?

Either way I cannot stand this in between emotion and much rather be in a crying, punching walls, or whatever else goes on during moments of intense emotion.

Any advise worth giving on how to ID this blah feeling or shift away from it would be greatly appreciated.

Namste friends.


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