Change- What IS & Is’nt

Hey Strangers.

I apologize for calling you strangers, its purely my fault that we have become that way.

As always I have no good excuse as to why but I have been cooking some stuff up and I am finally at my happy place, writing to you, ready to tell you all about it.

I have been thinking about making a career change for the last 3 weeks. This is not a decision I take lightly as I of course want to be a NY times best selling author but I also want a lifetime side gig, which for me, is going to be sales.

I was introduced to a women who pitched to me(get this) a job that is fully commission( I have no salary just to make that as clear as a crystal) , not in my field( at all), and would require a bunch of licenses and certifications to really be considered an expert in the trade.

Sounds like something you should jump through hoops to be considered for right?

The answer is yes, actually it is.


The opportunity itself while it has some visible risks is what I envision my career to look like and it just took a certain person to be able to convey that to me.

So as we all do, I mean I think we all do, I have been spending 100% of my free time doing the following:

  • Conducting a SWOT analysis
  • Listing and resisting all PROS and CONS
  • Interviewing people in the industry
  • Interviewing my friends and family
  • Mediating on my future
  • Ask the holly spirt for a sign of clarity of which direction to go

Yes all NORMAL things I know.  So while I continue to think about worst case senarios the obvious one is the subject of not having a salary.

At this point in my life all I ever have known is that with a certain title or status and with a certain level of experience your goal each year is to get an increase in salary and in due time maybe you get to your ideal salary wage.

Where this mindset derived from but that is how I have always look at it until recently.

The question I have been asking myself lately is when did we all join this rat race to work work and work to get to the “ideal” base compensation level that is suppose to equate stability and meaning into our lives?

I am not 100% sure  but I have been on this hamster wheel for quite some time.

What I am realizing is that I believe if you work hard you should yield a certain financial result.

On the flip side it seems  people are signed on to a new position with a “proven” track record or years of a certain experience/skill set and demand a certain compensation level before providing any type of value.

Why? Why do we think we are entitled to such a thing?

What gives us the right to demand anything without any proven concept?  This is why bartering honestly made so much sense to me.

I give you wheel you give me cookie, seems fair?

And why the hell do we think receiving or getting to a point of a certain level of compensation = stability and security?

Can’t big boss man decide one day that you don’t have a job or that that job you are doing you are getting paid too much for?

Sure as hell they can.

Thinks can change at a drop of a hat but we are so wrapped up on getting what we deserve that we stop thinking about what can we create.

We as creators can create whatever we desire. Whether that be a billion dollars or a fig tree, we and only we have the power to do so.

By putting up these walls of “what should be” or ” what we should be making” we are restricting our overall potential to be bigger, bolder, and limitless.

So I challenge you this week to reconsider what we believe to be the ways things are or the way things are suppose to be and DO and ACT from a place that will allow you to be your ultimate, powerful, creative self.

No salary in the world is going to give that to you.

Peace & Love, talk soon.